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BeeFIT  was established in 2005 in response to the rising health care costs related to obesity and overweight people in America.
Our Living Healthy, Living Well program is not a diet, but working with nutrition professionals for an individualized wellness plan.
An increasing number of employers and employees alike are taking more of an interest in wellness in the workplace  and recognizing the link between great health and optimizing performance and happiness at work. Lunch and learn hourly presentation  available on a variety of topics to meet your corporate wellness goals.
Corporate Health and wellness  Fairs

BeeFIT'S  interactive style means that engaging and stimulating corporate wellness programs can be delivered in a number of ways from workshops and clinics through to group activities and presentations. We tailor each program specifically to your organizations needs.

BeeFIT can provide a nutritional analysis of your corporate nutrition offerings to ensure than menus offered provide maximum health benefits to the workforce to complement the nutrition program. We will provide simple changes to the menu that don’t sacrifice choice and taste. We coach your workforce in taking an interest in wellbeing and how small changes in the choices of food can make a dramatic difference to their energy and productivity. The  programs are an investment in your most valuable asset – your workforce, and studies have proven that workers perform significantly better when they take more of an interest in their personal health and wellbeing.


Mission statement
To educate, support an empower citizens to improve and maintain their overall health and well being through healthy lifestyle choices. To create a culture of wellness throughout the community.