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This program focuses on lifestyle habits that help you achieve a healthy weight.  Losing weight is only a small part of your journey—feeling better, having more energy, and becoming more mindful are all positive changes you can expect.  It is built on strategies proven to work, including mindful eating and physical activity.

Weekly lessons that motivate and inspire

The goal of LIVING HEALHTY_ WEBCAST is to inform, empower, and motivate you to live mindfully as you make choices about eating and physical activity. An experienced instructor trained in weight management leads each weekly one-hour lesson.

Each lesson includes:

  • Information about why the behavior is important for weight loss/maintenance
  • Practical strategies for adopting the behavior
  • Ways concepts can be adopted by the whole family
  • Opportunity for sharing and celebrating
  • Suggestions for living mindfully
  • Guided discussion of strategy for the week

Each participant receives:

  • LIVING HEALHTY; LIVING WELL WORKBOOK—with recipes and more.
  •  Contact information for the coach, for individual consultation.

How to enroll- respond to the contact us link


Frequent questions about the web, Living Healthy option..


Can I attend the class on my smartphone, iPad, or tablet? YES

Will I be able to attend class using my computer? Online classes are presented. You will need: a relatively new computer and  speakers.

Are onsite classes available? Yes, onsite classes are available in select counties. If you are interested in organizing or attending an onsite class, please contact us at 610-299-2622

Are class sessions recorded?  Class sessions are not recorded—they are live sessions.  

Can my instructor and classmates see or hear me? Yes, this is an interactive class

In what time zone are the classes offered?  All class times are in EST or EDT

What is the cost of the program?  All inclusive $220.00